Bricks and Mortar Coming Soon!

26th Aug 2016

Bricks and Mortar Coming Soon!

Shop Athens Ohio is under new ownership
The website is running and our doors will be open quick!

Doors? You ask. Yes, OUr doors
We’ve laid a brick path…we have walls and floors

We are nestled in the heart of the historic Eclipse Company Town
Come visit us, Shop Athens Ohio, where only local brands can be found

It’s time to reveal our new owner! Sean Kiser of Kiser’s Barbeque has purchased Shop Athens Ohio and we have big plans! Our website will always be live, while you continue to visit us at we will be working diligently on our new bricks and mortar location! Shop Athens Ohio will have a STORE FRONT at 11315 Jackson Drive, just a few feet from the bike path! With our new location we bring you new partners, new products, and new pickups…you will be able to choose an Athens pickup option at checkout and reduce shipping fees! Our doors will open just as alumni come hOUme. Keep following our social media accounts for opening dates. We are so excited to expand Shop Athens Ohio!