Say hello to Dirty Girl Coffee!

Posted by Tristen Phipps on 11th Nov 2016

Say hello to Dirty Girl Coffee!

We'd like to introduce you to a treasured partner. We met only months ago, but we and our customers alike, are crazy for their cold brew coffee! Here's a bit about Dirty Girl Coffee:

“As a brand we want to pay homage to all women who perform every day…” Dirty Girl Coffee founders Jane Cavarozzi and Kara Tripp laid out three explicit goals with the birth of their company:

1. Become a viable and super profitable business to support our loftier goals.

2. To support economic development in portions of Ohio designated as critical by the state of Ohio.

3. Support women's progress in the coffee industry.

According to their score card they’re well on their way to success. Dirty Girl Coffee launched in Quarterhorse Congress only a year ago in Oct. 2015. “We spent a month in Quarterhorse Congress riding our trike all over the Ohio State fairgrounds serving coffee in barns, stalls, paddocks, and the exhibition halls,” recalled Cavarozzi, “we were a hit.”

The duo discovered nitro brewing and fell in love with the method. They truly enjoyed learning the process behind cold brew and having the ability to play with flavor profiles. “We really thought it was fun to drink coffee like beer,” said Cavarozzi with a grin.

Cavarozzi cited one of her largest motivations behind the business as the economic distress that surrounds her. The two hope to combat the economic distress and stimulate the economy with job creation. More specifically, they hope to support projects that promote women’s economic standing. According to Cavarozzi, Dirty Girl Coffee supports a number of projects that promote economic growth in Morgan and Athens County, one of which comes in the form of an industrial park.

Finally, the two hope to encourage women’s progress in the coffee industry. They carefully select partners that support coffee farms owned by women or in some way promote their advancement. They’ve also pledged to donate a portion of their profit to the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.

With spectacular goals within reach and a sincere passion for their craft, Shop Athens Ohio is honored to be a Dirty Girl Coffee partner.

Want to learn more about our partners at Dirty Girl Coffee? Come meet them! Jane Cavarozzi, Kara Tripp and their coffee trike will be on our front porch TOMORROW Saturday Nov. 12th from 1p.m.-3p.m.

Dirty Girl Coffee products can be purchased in store or online at