Crappy Hand Game

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Product Overview

Crappy Hand is a card game developed by a family of OU alumni after Thanksgiving dinner in 2016. They were playing cards when one announced he was "sitting on a fistful of turds." This led his wife to ponder an idea for a card game built around having the crappiest hand - loaded with low-brow poo references.


The more they played with other friends and family, it quickly became evident that this crappy idea was universally enjoyable - even to people who don’t normally like card games and/or find toilet humor amusing!


Crappy Hand LLC is owned by three OU alumni sisters (Gretchen '02, Molly '14, Emily '99) and their artist-cousin (Laura - who did not go to OU).


We print in the U.S. in order to support American businesses - even though it is more expensive; we identified a decidedly non-crappy printer in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio


We made this crap as eco-friendly as possible: the card stock has some post-consumer content while maintaining the best card-playing quality, and we managed 100% post-consumer for the box


Check out our crappy "How to Play" video on YouTube @crappyhandgame