All Aboard The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway!

Posted by Gina Pujolas on 4th Jun 2021

All Aboard The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway!

A historic treasure near Athens, Ohio, the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway will take you back in time. Experience first-hand what it’s like to ride back to a simpler time when locomotives were the most efficient forms of transportation!

The Hocking Valley Railway cars run on the same tracks that were used back in the 1800s and early 1900s. These cars were used to transport coal up to central Ohio and Further up to Lake Erie. These passenger cars wouldn’t be the historic treasures that they are if they weren’t thoroughly restored by volunteers.

The cars feature a former Baltimore and Ohio heavyweight combination baggage and passenger car built in 1918, three Rock Island commuter cars built in the 1920s, and the newest addition to the pack–a heavyweight day-coach railcar that originally traveled the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads through the 1950s. The historic cars are one of a kind, so find a scenic railway excursion and book your ride now!

They offer both traditional, enclosed coach cars, and open-air cars that are available during warmer months. Two of their enclosed coaches are air-conditioned and there is one wheelchair-accessible car. There are no available restrooms on the cars. Train rides are typically 90 minutes- two hours long. There is no food or beverages allowed on the rides, but passengers are welcome to bring their own.

Don’t miss out on other special event trains throughout the year including: the Easter Bunny Train & Egg Hunt, Robbery Trains, Fall Foliage, All-Caboose Train, Santa Trains, and more! You can find available tickets and special event train rides HERE.

Location: 33 W. Canal Street, Nelsonville, OH

Phone: 740-249-1452

Photo from The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway