3rd Feb 2021

The College Inn

The College Inn, better known as The C.I., is a staple of Court Street and Athens, Ohio. By the looks of the bars on Court Street, you would assume that many of them have been around for decades. The oldest bar in Athens, though? Operating since 1917, The C.I. has that distinction, holding the record for being around the longest.

Another key historical aspect about the bar is that The C.I. is one of the only bars in the city that has not had or been a part of a fire, as Court Street has seen many fires due to the age of many buildings. We’re lucky, because truly The C.I. has experienced a lot of history and has become a major part of life on Court Street, making it one of the treasures of Athens.

The Modern C.I.

Over a century later, where is The C.I. now? Exactly in the same spot but with more writing on the bathroom stalls and with vibrant, neon signs throughout the bar. The wooden walls showcase pieces of history like photos and memorabilia that highlight the historical status of The C.I.

The bar now features an updated jukebox and some pool tables, and these days is considered to be the home of the Ohio hockey team. It’s also the first place for the business Bobcats to head to after their 9 a.m. final presentations.

Wishing you were there sitting on that barstool in The C.I.? Us too! With their famous ledge on the wall paired with some of the cheapest drinks in Athens, what could go wrong? The C.I. takes pride in being known for offering the cheapest drinks in town and supplying free popcorn to fit every college student’s budget. Reminiscing about all of the times spent in The C.I. makes all Bobcats wish that time stood still.

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