The Weeping Angel of The West State Street Cemetery

Posted by Gina Pujolas on 4th Jun 2021

The Weeping Angel of The West State Street Cemetery

The West State Street Cemetery is located on West State Street in Athens, Ohio, a short walk from Uptown Athens. This cemetery is home to the Angel of the Unknown Soldiers, or ‘The Weeping Angel’, a well-known gravestone that commemorates the unidentified soldiers who are buried in the cemetery. Many who pass this angel say they’ve seen her wings flutter, some say they’ve seen her shed tears. Visitors who love to see historical sites come to see this angel in the cemetery.

The West State Street Cemetery itself has graves on site that date back to the 1800s. Many people who have been to Athens County say Athens is home to many haunted sites, and that they experience an indescribable feeling when there. This feeling or sense has made Athens an incredibly popular place for novice ghost hunters, spiritualists, and occult members since the 1800s. That reputation of Athens continues to live on today. If you’ve experienced something out of the ordinary while in Athens or near the cemetery, let us know!

For information about the cemetery, see more here.

Photo from "Our Haunted Travels"